58. The 2014 Burtogram Bracket

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March 20, 2014 by bdetienne


We see Billy Donovan and the Florida Gators hoisting the trophy this year.

Today begins the four best days of the year, the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament. Between now and Sunday evening 64 teams will compete in 42 games in hopes to earn a berth in the Sweet 16. On paper one team often appears better than the other but in a one-game playoff, anything can (and often does) happen. There is a reason why it is called March Madness.

Like millions of others around the country, the Burtogram staff has completed its bracket for this year’s tournament. After going back and forth debating the merits of each squad in this year’s field we have determined who we like to emerge from the pack. We predict that Florida, Michigan State, Arizona, and Wichita State will advance to the Final Four and after a weekend of close games, Florida will beat Wichita State to win their third national championship. Billy Donovan’s team has been dominant most of the season and we see this pattern continuing through to the final buzzer in Dallas.

The matchups, announcers, and times are set. it’s time to go. Best of luck to you and your bracket over the next three weeks! May your team [or adopted team from the bracket] emerge victorious!


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