45. Selfless


May 13, 2013 by bdetienne


The Make-A-Wish Foundation is one of the coolest organizations in the world. By helping children with life-threatening diseases realize their ultimate wish they are bringing joy to an otherwise dark, sad, and often painful journey. I have never participated in or known anyone who has been part of a granted wish by the group but I have always admired what they do. All of the stories that Make-A-Wish fulfills are touching but one of the recent wishes was especially powerful.

Nathan McCarthy is a junior in high school in Mukilteo, Washington who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia 18 months ago. He lost 70 lbs and the ability to play the sport he loves, baseball. Accepted into the program, Nathan was asked what his wish would be. He said that his wish was to renovate his high school’s baseball field. A couple of weeks ago, 250 volunteers showed up at the diamond and made his “field of dreams”:  replacing the screens and fences, raking the field, inserting a new home plate into the ground and erecting new bleachers. Asked why this was his wish, Nathan replied, “I just wanted to give back to all those who have given to me. I wanted it to be something we could all be proud of not only this season but 10, 20 or 30 years down the road.”

How many 16 year-olds think like that? Heck, in a society of people who are thinking of themselves most or all of the time (myself included), how many people think like that? Nathan has inspired a number of people in and around his community, but even better, he has inspired someone he has never met. I only hope that we can all work towards being more selfless like he has.

Good news: Nathan’s leukemia is in recession and his health has improved. Hopefully he can live a full and healthy life and inspire others to look outside of themselves and help others.

For more on Nathan’s story, check out these stories here and here.

[Hat tip to WHB Kansas City’s Border Patrol program for bringing this story to my attention.]


2 thoughts on “45. Selfless

  1. Cassy says:

    That’s a pretty selfless wish. It’s amazing that there is such a contrast in this world of people who give and people who take. My cousin Blake had a wish granted when he was six and living with leukemia.

    • bdetienne says:

      That is unfortunate that your cousin had to go through the experience of leukemia treatments but I am glad that he was able to realize his wish. I hope that it brought him some comfort and joy during a difficult time.

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