42. Crying Over Spilled Coffee

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May 1, 2013 by bdetienne


A couple of weeks ago my wife and I stopped by our local Dollar Tree store to pick up a couple of birthday cards. After making our selections we were headed towards the counter to pay when we approached an endcap of travel coffee mugs. My wife and I are both coffee drinkers and both could use a new coffee mug to take to work and on trips. Mine fell apart after I accidentally broke off the plastic piece that prevents the cup from leaking; hers was accidentally “misplaced” after an event. Since we only had one backup travel mug, what better opportunity to replenish our inventory than getting a new mug? And for only $1 each! We each chose a mug, paid for them, and departed for the homestead.

What a terrible idea. The mugs turned out to be a total waste of money. The inaugural cup for me promptly leaked out copious amounts of coffee through the opening and around the lid.  I had to tighten the lid as if I was sealing up Hoover Dam to keep the precious liquid inside of the mug. (Sidenote: when you screwing on something like you are sealing up the Hoover Dam, it’s pretty difficult to then unscrew the cap for washing and refilling purposes.) My wife’s was even worse- despite attempting to tighten the lid as much as possible, the thing still leaked. Two days after purchasing hers, it was in the trash. I was able to get a few days out of it before mine started leaking as well. Finally, I gave up and discarded mine as well.

Let this be a lesson to all of you cheapskates/frugal/on budget people. You can get by with cheaper-made products in some cases, but travel coffee mugs are not one of them. Be sure to splurge a bit to get a quality mug that will protect and transport the quality wake-up juice contained inside; otherwise, you will find yourself crying over spilled coffee!


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