32. Convertibles Can Be Moving Vehicles, Too

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March 29, 2013 by bdetienne

Chances are good that convertible designers do not envision this when they come up with their car.

Chances are good that convertible designers do not envision this when they come up with their car.

Convertibles are great cars about 90% of the time. The remaining 10%? Long road trips, winter weather, and moving items are examples of times when a convertible is NOT the ideal vehicle. I have owned a top-down vehicle for nearly eight years now and in that time, have encountered several instances of each. Now that I am married, and my wife has a very fuel-efficient all-wheel-drive vehicle, road trips and inclement weather are not much of an issue any more- I just do not drive in it. However, her car is also pretty small so moving items can be advantageous…in my car. Take the accent table I purchased last night.

(At this point, Burtogram’s legal staff has advised me to post that the following description of events is not recommended. Whenever you are moving, or picking up a furniture addition to the house, hit up a friend with a truck or SUV. If moving in a convertible is absolutely necessary, practice extreme caution.)

For several months I have been searching near and low, high and far for a table of some kind to put in my office. A few finalists emerged during that time but either price or availability (read: I was too slow on the trigger and was gone by the time I tried to buy it) prevented me from making it part of my home. My wife, an expert on discovering hidden treasures on Craigslist, mentioned a table she had found over lunch she thought I would like. I contacted the seller and after an intense two-email session of haggling on price, I was the proud owner of a new table.

I finally have found the table I was looking for, but how do I transport it home? The table’s legs did not detach, so my wife’s car was out. In addition, I had agreed to pick it up from the seller that night so I didn’t have the time necessary to secure a truck. That leaves two options: walking across town with a table or using the convertible. I will take option B. Besides, over the duration of my convertible ownership I have moved four times and oversize items (bookshelf, bicycle, standing fan, and totes) have been crammed into the vehicle; this table should be child’s play.

I arrived at the seller’s house. After examining the table and paying for it, the seller and I brought it out to my car. (Sidenote: the look on his face when he saw the car was priceless.) I laid down a blanket on the backseat to protect the top and then we loaded the table into my backseat. It took a little maneuvering but the table somewhat fit. Now I just have to drive across town with a table slightly sticking out of one side of the car. Thankfully, I was able to stick to back roads for the most part and arrived home without incident (Sidenote: the looks I saw from drivers on the road during the trip were also priceless.) and got the table into its new place in my office.

The convertible is the perfect car to enjoy a nice day outside. Depending on the make and model it can even show off a little muscle. I was wrong, though about one thing: you can add “moving vehicle” to its resume. Yes, it may be a little awkward, but you would be surprised what you can squeeze into it’s confines.


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