31. Free Food!


March 28, 2013 by bdetienne


Whoever reads this blog today will get a new car for free!

Okay, that is not really going to happen, but it drew you in, did it not? Whether it is a food sample at the grocery store; an item at a yard sale; or a gift from someone, we love free stuff. Getting something, for nothing? Yes, please!  You have likely experienced one or all of the above circumstances firsthand, but my favorite situation of the complimentary persuasion is the free food at the office.

The reasons will vary: coworker’s birthday, holiday, special occasion, or because it is Friday. It does not matter. When a person brings in a food item to share with the office, others flock to the table (in my employer’s case, literally a table in the office mailroom) like a school of piranha to partake in the feast. Typically the food will be gone by the end of the day, maybe two at the most. What’s better, this phenomenon applies to ALL food. Cupcakes, muffins, donuts, cookies, and cake are the most common goods displayed. Other times, it may be pretzels, nuts, fudge, or pieces of chocolate. Even food that would seem repulsive to some people, such as veggie trays or the lemon shortbread straw cookies I brought recently, are eaten in their entirety. Gone. A thing of the past.

Perhaps this is something you have witnessed at your place of employment, perhaps not. Either way, conduct a test. Set out a tray of food in a place with heavy foot traffic. One of the aforementioned items will do, or you can go all out and order some real meal food. Then sit back, relax, and watch the piranhas go to work. At first it may be slow goings, but once word gets out that there is “fresh meat” waiting to be picked, coworkers will imitate teenage girls approaching the ticket line for a Justin Bieber concert to taste the delectable treat awaiting them. For free.

Sidenote: Does free food tastes better than purchased food?


One thought on “31. Free Food!

  1. Dingle Fairy says:

    Free food is always better than paid food. It sprinkles an extra invisible flavor of MSG that makes the dish better than having to pay it.

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