23. 111 Days Later

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March 3, 2013 by bdetienne

And we’re back…111 days later.

I apologize for the lengthy delay in posts here on Burtogram. When you are the occasional blogger aspiring to be a more frequent blogger, one of the biggest challenges is determining where in your daily/weekly schedule do you fit in the block of time required to scribe a post. The task is even more daunting when your day or week is uncommon (ie holidays, funerals, events, etc.). It is one thing if you miss a day or a week, but the longer you have been away from blogging the more difficult it is to return to it.

It has now been nearly three months since we sat down and scribed a post and we have missed the opportunity to share experiences with you, the reader. That is why we are back, after our “extended holiday”, writing to you today. Our staff has been a part of several memorable moments in the interim (too many to document here) and have compiled a top ten list to share with you this week. We hope that you derive as much amusement/education/random knowledge from these events as we have.

Once again, our apologies for stepping away from the computer so long but we are excited to be back. Thanks for stopping by and may you enjoy what is to come with upcoming Burtograms.



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