19. Election 2012- The Issues.


November 5, 2012 by bdetienne

Happy Election Day Eve! Tomorrow we find out who will be the next President of the United States. Will President Barack Obama continue his tenure in the White House or will former Governor Mitt Romney overtake him to become the 45th man to occupy the Oval Office? The race is a virtual dead heat and every vote counts, so we here at Burtogram encourage you to exercise your right to vote (unless you have participated in advance voting like our staff has, in which case, well done!). We also encourage you to make an informed vote and have tried as much as possible to steer you towards information gathering sources leading up to Tuesday.

This continues today. The Burtogram HQ Election Center has been in full swing over the weekend in preparation of tomorrow’s events and to help those of you that may still be undecided, or to help confirm the choice in your mind already, we have compiled a list of the five candidates running for president. Click on the candidate’s name to learn more about their stance on the issues.

Democratic Party (incumbent): President Barack Obama

Republication Party: former Governor Mitt Romney

Libertarian Party: former Governor Gary Johnson

Green Party: Jill Stein

Constitution Party: Virgil Goode

In addition, we want to share a 75 question questionnaire put together by the website ProCon.org. Each of the candidates’ stances on the topics are listed but it also provides a side-by-side comparison of their answers to see which agree or disagree on a given topic. We strongly suggest that you cover up the answers given by the five and work through the page yourself, answering the questions as you believe. Once you have done that, see which person(s) agree with you and keep a running tally. You might be surprised who you find yourself in the most agreement with.

Our blog posts on the election have focused solely on the presidential race, but your ballot contains voting possibilities for numerous other federal, state, and local races (ie all 435 House of Representative seats and 33 Senate seats will be voted upon tomorrow). Check your local newspaper for more information on each race and the candidates wherein.

Make your voice heard tomorrow! Get out and vote.


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