17. The Giants Win the [Series]! The Giants Win the [Series]!

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October 29, 2012 by bdetienne

San Francisco Giants players celebrate after winning the 2012 World Series.

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants, your 2012 MLB champions. They won their second World Series title in the last three years in impressive fashion, sweeping the AL champion Detroit Tigers 4-0. As dominating as their performance was during the Series, it is even more incredible when you consider the road that they took to get there.

The Giants were down 2-0 to the Cincinnati Reds in the best-of-5 NL Division Series and won three consecutive games to advance to the NL Championship Series. There they faced a 3-1 deficit to the defending champion St. Louis Cardinals and the season again appeared to be over. However, no one told the Giants that and they rattled off three wins in a row to advance to the World Series. Once the Series started, the Giants couldn’t be stopped and shut down the Tigers.

I don’t like to play the What If? game, but one has to wonder if the Giants would have won last year as well if Buster Posey had not been injured for the season in a home-plate collision with the Florida [now Miami] Marlins’ Scott Cousins. The play broke his leg and tore ligaments in his ankle. The team was in a free fall after that and finished on the outside looking in to the playoffs. It may to be too early to throw out the “dynasty” label, but if the Giants are able to sustain this success in upcoming years, that might be the only appropriate adjective to describe the team.

In unrelated news, several teams across the various sports are petitioning to change their names to the Giants. Based off the fact that two of the last three victors in baseball and two of the last four champions in football have been Giants, a sense of luck [and a culture of winning] has been associated with the nickname and these teams hope to capitalize on it.


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