16. Kyle Goes to the World Series

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October 26, 2012 by bdetienne

With all of the negative stories one comes across when watching the news, reading the newspaper, or scanning the internet, it is easy to forget that there are great people out there. I was reminded of this earlier today when I came across the story of a guy named Kyle and the cool thing that his friends did for him.

Kyle is a student at the University of California-Davis. He is enrolled in 21 hours this semester and works almost a full time schedule at the UC Davis Coffee House (or CoHo) to support his own way through school. According to the article, he is very popular with the employees and the customers at CoHo, greeting people with a warm smile and friendly demeanor. He is also a huge San Francisco Giants fan, one of the teams vying for the World Series championship this year.

The CoHo staff and regulars wanted to do something for Kyle to show them how much they appreciated him and his efforts and they came up with a great idea: why not send Kyle to a World Series game? Several people chipped in and they raised enough money to not only pay for Kyle’s ticket but also for his transportation to and from the game (approximately an hour away). Everyone who chipped in left a message and signed a poster of the Golden Gate Bridge to give him along with it. The video above documents Kyle’s reaction to the gift, which is priceless.

I applaud Kyle for being the kind of person that more young people starting their life off on their own should emulate: kind, hard working, friendly, and positive. I also applaud his friends for what they did. They saw an opportunity to reward Kyle for his friendship and hard work and selflessly contributed money towards making it happen. I encourage you to follow in their footsteps, showing kindness to others and helping out deserving others less fortunate than you with your time, resources, gifts, or money. The more this is done, the more people are reminded that there are great people out there.

You can check out the article on SI.com’s Hot Clicks here.


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