9. 2012 Election: Vice-Presidential Debate

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October 11, 2012 by bdetienne

We have ourselves a ball game.

Going into the first presidential debate last week, President Barack Obama held a steady lead across the various national polls. Following the debate, however (in which pundits from both sides of the aisle say that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won), the latest polls show a virtual dead heat between the two candidates. If this pattern continues each of the last 26 days before Election Day are critical. Every speech, policy, action, or inaction the two men make could skew likely voters’ minds toward one way or another.

This makes tonight’s debate between the two vice-presidential candidates so intriguing. How will incumbent Vice President Joe Biden do versus the challenger, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan? Can Biden find a way to stifle Ryan and help in restoring the Democrats lead nationally, or will Ryan come out strong and build upon the momentum the Republicans have gained in the last week? It should be an interesting battle of words between two intriguing characters tonight in Danville, Kentucky. The debate will start at 9:00pm Eastern time and last an hour and a half. ABC News Chief Foreign Correspondent Martha Raddatz will moderate the discussion, which can be seen on all four broadcast networks as well as CNN and Fox News.

In our continuing effort to inform voters as completely as possible before casting our ballots, we encourage you to tune in to tonight’s debate. Hear out the case that each man presents and then decide, which of them would I rather have helping to lead our country for the next four years?



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