2. Election 2012: Presidential Debate I

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October 3, 2012 by bdetienne

Then-Sen. Barack Obama and Former Gov. Mitt Romney exchange pleasantries in New Hampshire in 2007. The scene will likely be a little different during the presidential debate tonight. (photo from LATimes.com)

There are only 35 days until America heads to the polls to make a decision: re-elect President Barack Obama to a second term or replace him with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. The election is a very polarizing topic- one only has to spend a few moments on social media sites before coming across an anti-Obama or anti-Romney post/tweet/blog/story. The Burtogram HQ staff has their opinions on who the best candidate for POTUS is but we are playing the role of Switzerland for the election. We are not here to convince you to agree with us (besides, that is an impossible task as people come from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures that lead them to lean towards one or another). Rather, our goal is to pass along some information about both candidates and their platforms over the next five weeks that will allow you, the potential voter, to make an informed decision when you cast your ballot.

Tonight is a very important night for both campaigns as the first of three presidential debates takes place in Denver. The debate, which will be shown on all four broadcast networks as well as CNN and Fox News, commences at 9:00pm Eastern and will last an hour and a half. According to most polls President Obama has a 3-5% lead over Gov. Romney but there are a lot of states whose electoral votes are up in the air. Both sides and their lieutenants have been sending shots across the others’ bows over the last several months but this evening, the two face off against each other in what should be a lively debate (historic even, according to Sen. John McCain). Will President Obama dominate the proceedings and take charge in the standings or will Gov. Romney make a stand and persuade voters that he is the better choice? Tune in and see for yourself.


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